Games, movies, YouTube videos – what do they all have in common? Catchy visuals, engaging scripts, and… vibrant, lively soundtracks tying them all together. Sound is all around us, and the people who create that sound are steadily becoming more important. Have you ever considered what it takes to become a Sound Engineer? Wondered if you could do it at home, harnessing the power of the internet? After all, we live in an era where even engineering doesn’t have to be boring!

On 28th January, PATSAV faculty member JalladiSharathBabu gave a presentation on Sound Engineering at Terminus Adda. The audience included a wide range of people ranging from students to hobbyists, from freelancers to entrepreneurs. Each person present was enthralled by the options Sound Engineering opened up. Yes, this is an actual field of study with several lucrative career options open once you graduate! Yes, you can set up your own business in this space; or start off small with your own home studio! Whether people were interested in exploring Sound Engineering as a hobby, a career, or a degree, Sharath had them all covered.

This was a presentation like no other, with stories from industry experts, as well as an exciting LIVE REMIXING! Participants networked with others in the field and got to hear about the kinds of careers they may expect when taking up this path.As a heavy consumer of content, our country has an urgent and growing requirement for professional audio technicians. Experts forecast that employment rates for Sound Engineering professionals will grow by 9% from 2012-2022. A Target Study indicates the average income for a Sound Engineer in India varies from 3.5L – 12L per annum, with tremendous potential for international career progression. These are exciting times to be in the space!

SharathBabu is no stranger to holding audiences captive, having spun at high-end venues like Twister, Underdeck (Taj Banjara), Spirits (Placida), Sparks, Edge, and Little Italy, as well as many parties in and around the US. Since completing the Disc Jockeying course at Insomnia Pro School, Bangalore, Sharath’s been busy making his mark in the space.Along with 4 years of field work, he has 4 years of experience instructing at Studio 9, and many more teaching at PATSAV. He kept the audience spell bound with his first-hand stories about the fast paced world of Sound Engineering in India.

Being the first music technology school in Telangana, PATSAV encourages all those interested in exploring Sound Engineering to contact them and learn more about the courses they offer in this niche.

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