Event managers are professionals who have the know-how of planning, managing and executing large scale events on behalf of the hosts. Event management is an exciting and growing field and covers both private and corporate functions – concerts, parties, weddings, conventions. It needs seamless planning, co-ordination of varied logistics and then finally the execution.

Event management can be stressful because despite meticulous planning, there are last minute improbables that cannot always be catered for. So the event manager has to be sharp, an on-his-feet thinker who can resolve unexpected crises that the final day may throw up.

Why do people hire event managers/companies?

1 They are Experts :
Event managers are professionals with the right knowledge and experience of the ins and outs of event management. They understand each fine nuance right from the nature of the event and the budget to the people and services required for its execution.

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2 They can help save time and money :
Event managers are connected to the right people in business, be it catering or chauffeur services, or music and sound companies or live performers like MC or dancers and singers. Since they keep giving business to these people, they might actually help in getting better rates than what individuals can at their own level. Thanks to their experience and links, the hosts may actually manage their budget better by getting preferential rates thanks to their relationship. They themselves would arrange support services and other facilities to meet your requirements.

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3. They are creative people adding oomph to the event :
Event management has great room for creativity and innovation. With their hands into as many pies of varied events as their fingers, event managers bring to the table a truckload of ideas to make the event a cut above the rest adding elements that enhance the appeal, conduct or even discipline at the event. They are people who add the ‘wow’ factor.

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4. They have skilled teams :
Event management companies have a well-trained and skilled staff to fulfill the various and sometimes, very unique demand requirements of the event. For instance, a gala dinner needs decoration in sync with the spirit of the event, seating arrangement, dinner – menu, chauffeurs, cuisines, serving, waiters, crockery, cutlery, the presentation of dinner – all of which can be quite a handful for someone doing this on one’s own. The event management company officials know what kind of skilled people would be needed and from where to source them. That’s how they can take up an event on very short notice and make things easier for their clients.

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5. They make events successful :
Ultimately, events are organized to achieve a certain purpose. This can be gauged by the feedback of those who attend the event. Particularly, in business events—generation of leads, participants’ interaction, hospitality, and the promotion of a product or closing of deals are very important. A good management company facilitates and creates a pleasant atmosphere at the venue to make the event successful.

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How it can be a great career choice
There are not enough qualified people to meet the surge of demand for professionals in the field. With events becoming more and more professional, it is a field for which the demand for qualified personnel will continue to be on the rise. Those who step into this career as an early entrant, can benefit hugely as a result of first mover advantage.

Any industry welcomes a certain aptitude and training in the field that you enter into. Event management is no exception. Patsav’s event management course equips you with the essential wherewithal that you would need as an event management professional. It would cover a range of activities and hands-on learning that gets you industry ready, to be able to handle planning and execution across a spectrum of events, be it press conferences, product launches, work conventions or private parties.

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