Back in the days, aspiring to be a DJ artist and working in a club wasn’t considered a sustaining or a lucrative career choice.

Luckily, things have changed over the decades. We can attribute this to the growing global corporate companies in the city that have attracted, people from different cultural backgrounds.

There’s a clear shift in the outlook of our society — the new millennial generation, have adopted to the new social culture of clubbing.

And the rising club joints have created a great demand for DJs and thereby making it a much sought after profession.

So, if you’re considering DJ as your career option then read on to find out: what critical role does the DJ play in a club, how to choose the right DJ academy, skills to hone to become a pro DJ, and what the future holds for you in this path.


Impactful Role Of a DJ In a Club or At an Event

A DJ is as important as an anchor on a TV show.

Let’s take an example of a popular TV show, KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) on the Sony Channel.

You can agree that viewers ardently watch it not just for the kind of general knowledge questions picked up for the contestants but also for the way it is presented!

Similarly, an ideal DJ would need to emulate and demonstrate traits of a celebrity to keep the audience regaled—meaning picking the right sound tracks and knowing how to keep the crowd entertained for hours.

Likewise, club owners would be glad to offer you frequent gigs if you showed the ability to keep the crowd from leaving the venue. Because your performance has a direct impact on the business.

The longer the crowd is enticed, the more profitable is the club owner’s business.

This is a win win situation for the DJ and every other stakeholder involved.

What Should You Look For In a DJ Academy

By now you probably have gauged the vital role of a DJ — influencing the revenue growth of the business.

So in order to build a solid foundation for your career in this path, you’ll need to show some prudence in choosing the right DJ academy.

Choosing an academy solely based on location convenience or low fee structure shouldn’t be your criteria.

While this may not be an exhaustive checklist but you may want to consider these points; during the planning stage, before getting enrolled:

1. Multiple Equipments : Does the academy have multiple sets of tools and equipments for the students; of different batches, to practice. Often times, academies are ill-equipped and fail to provide necessary lab items such as computers, headphone sets, speakers and the like.

2. Latest Software : Is the academy up-to-date with the latest gears, equipments and software. Also you’ve got to check how frequently are they being updated. This is important. Because once you step into the real world, you cannot operate using the antiquated systems.

3. Infrastructure : Academies with inadequate infrastructure cannot justify your course. Ensure that sounds labs aren’t cramped. The surrounding ambience should make you feel at ease.

4. Mock sessions : Does the academy offer mock sessions as part of its general curriculum. This is an important aspect of the course to help groom the student. Because presentation skills play a critical role in this profession.

5. Expertise of the DJ : Check if the dean of the academy is a real time DJ. Faculty members who have been successful in their DJ profession, are capable of giving a better run-down of their equipments.

In addition, you get an opportunity to work alongside the dean during a live performance.

What Skills To Hone To Become A Professional DJ

To master the craft in an evolving industry requires greater competency.

In general, staying in the know of the latest software and continually upgrading can make a DJ pull off the show successfully.

However, in the current market scenario, an essential quality of a professional DJ would be to please the crowd to make them groove. Enthral and engage the audience to stay longer, thereby making a positive impact to the business revenue.

Here’s a great resource to refer for step-by-step guidance.

Why Choose PATSAV Music Academy Over Others?

At PATSAV academy students learn the craft with a defined syllabus and programs such as: Disc Jockey, Sound Engineering, Event Management, Wedding Sound DJ Setup, Photography, Videography, Music Technology & Instruments.

Other outstanding features that are noteworthy:

Holistic Development: PATSAV DJ academy caters to a holistic development of a student— grooming for a great presentation, networking with the elites and the like.

You’re taught the nuances of the craft and moulded to be an artist.

Essentially, what you learn is far beyond the music skills.

Visibility: It is imperative in this field that a new DJ gain some publicity. PATSAV provides various platforms for students at onsite events. To cite an example, take the recent international Auto Show that happened at Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad where the academy students had the chance to perform live for a large audience.

Internship Opportunity: PATSAV prepares batches of students for various events, to exhibit their talent; throughout their reputed chain of networks. An onsite internship experience at the campus will help you gain visibility, and to showcase your talent to a wide audience.

No Downtime Restriction: The sound labs and studio equipments are available for unlimited time, for you to practice.

Awards and Recognition: PATSAV pride’s itself as the only pioneer certified school, and therefore the music industry recognises the PATSAV awards granted to accomplished students.

Placement Opportunities: Students passing with flying colours at PATSAV get placement across the top clubs and hotels in the city.

Faculty Reputation: Dean and faculty members associated with PATSAV— Piyush Bajaj, & Navdeep Ahuja are established celebrity DJs with more than a decade long industry experience.

Students working alongside such experts can learn innumerable skill sets.

Is DJing A Lucrative Career?

You see, whether it’s a corporate celebration, or a private organised party, a DJ is in demand all through the year because it isn’t a seasonal affair.

As a professional DJ you have a choice to earn as a self-employed artists or work on freelance contracts.

In summary, this is a profession that gives you the opportunity to connect with people coming from all walks of life —Business Tycoons, Celebrities, Film Personalities, Doctors, Lawyers, Directors and the like.

You get to rub shoulders with public figures, delight them, and bask in the same limelight.

Cool, ain’t it?

So what are you waiting for? Go apply for the course at PATSAV today!

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