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PATSAV – Owner’s Vision

~ A vision of the future so clear, it produces a passion that makes your fears disappear~ 12 years in the industry and counting. PATSAV’s vision has created the right ecosystem for aspiring musicians to succeed. Blending in art with entrepreneurship, PATSAV provides the perfect platform for creative careers to take off! Our highly talented […]

Live Sound: Feel the Adrenaline Rush

Live Sound is made up of 3 elements – Technical Knowhow, Talent and Experience. Live Sound Engineers working in this fast-paced industry are masters at all 3. The job involves managing the sound at events to ensure perfect harmony between instruments and vocals. It’s a lot more than just checking on the mikes and amplifiers. […]

Skills required to succeed as an event manager

Event management constitutes planning at macro and micro level. This plan, then needs to be put into action by tying up with all stakeholders in the chain to deliver a hiccup-free conduct of the whole show. Here we are going to talk about the essential skills that one would need to be a successful event […]

Ten amazing things you need to know about PATSAV Delhi

1.Experience guides young blood PATSAV has more than eleven years of expertise with its Founder Director Navdeep Ahuja himself being a consummate Visual DJ, who is focused on delivering the finest Education in the sound technology industry. 2.A dream line-up of the latest gear PATSAV has the latest equipment and allows its students to have […]

How to succeed as a Freelance Sound Engineer

A sound engineer uses electronic and mechanical devices to copy, mix, and record sounds. Sound engineering involves using a variety of devices to record sound – an electronic mixing Board (Console Board), which includes a number of buttons, dials, lights, and meters. Sound engineers use the latest audio equipment and computer software. A sound engineer […]

What do event managers do? How does PATSAV help?

Event management, as we spoke of in our last blog, is all about planning each detail and execution of large scale events. Here we shall talk of what exactly does an event manager do. a. Planning of events: An event manager has the overall responsibility of flawlessly conducting the event and making the function successful […]

Event Management is booming and could be a great career choice

Event managers are professionals who have the know-how of planning, managing and executing large scale events on behalf of the hosts. Event management is an exciting and growing field and covers both private and corporate functions – concerts, parties, weddings, conventions. It needs seamless planning, co-ordination of varied logistics and then finally the execution. Event […]